For the eighth year in a row, the Central Arizona Dental Society Foundation is hosting its Dental Mission of Mercy event. It’s a resource for those who can’t afford to go to the dentist or don’t have insurance.
Cartel Coffee Lab was founded in 2007 by Jason and Amy Silberschlag. In the decade since, they’ve expanded all over the state — and even to Austin, Texas, and Palm Springs, California. The draw? Their expertly sourced, expertly roasted coffee.


Sonoran Searching Group Hopes To Return To Rocky Point
After they say an armed group chased them off the site of mass graves outside of Rocky Point, a group of volunteer searchers says they want to return.
8 hours ago
U.S. Offers Reward For Mexican Drug Cartel Leader
Notorious Mexican drug kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán might be behind bars, but the cartels are still operating. And the U.S. government is now offering a reward to capture the leader of a criminal organization based in Mexico.
10 hours ago
Whats Next In The Impeachment Process?
The House Judiciary Committee has approved two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. This makes President Trump the fourth president in American history to face impeachment by the House, which is expected to vote on it next week.
11 hours ago
New Zealand Volcano Victims May Be Treated With Methods Pioneered In AZ
This week’s White Island volcanic eruption left 16 dead. Dozens more are being treated for severe burns throughout New Zealand and Australia. One method being used to treat some of the patients was pioneered here in the Valley.
11 hours ago
Prosecutions Of Migrants Crossing The Border Have Skyrocketed
Prosecutions of migrants coming across the U.S.-Mexico border have skyrocketed under the Trump administration. A new report from the Government Accountability Office shows that misdemeanor improper entry cases more than doubled from 2017 to 2018 — to about 62,000.

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American Samoans' Citizenship Status Still In Limbo After Judge Issues Stay
After ruling on Thursday that anyone born in American Samoa should be recognized as a U.S. citizen, the same judge on Friday decided to put the order on hold until the issue is resolved on appeal.
This Grieving Family Wants The U.S. To Designate Mexican Cartels As Terrorists
Relatives of nine American women and children who were brutally killed in Mexico last month were in Washington this week to tell their story. They want the U.S. to go after drug cartels.
Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Trump Subpoena Cases
The decision sets the stage for a battle over whether a president can defy congressional and grand jury subpoena power.
On His Way Out, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin Pardons Murderers, Rapists, Hundreds More
In one case that has drawn particular attention, he pardoned a murderer whose family raised big money to pay off Bevin's campaign debt.
All 7 Democratic Candidates Scheduled To Debate Threaten To Skip Over Labor Dispute
Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and others say they won't attend next week's debate at Loyola Marymount University unless a subcontractor negotiates with striking culinary workers.