Arizona's 3rd Congressional District candidates, Democratic Rep. Raul Grijalva and Republican Nicolas Pierson, debated Wednesday night in Tucson. Grijalva is the incumbent, having served as the district's representative since 2013. Grijalva is the incumbent, having served as the district's representative since 2013.
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Arizona’s Senate candidates Kyrsten Sinema and Martha McSally sparred over health care during their debate on Monday night. Both candidates made claims about each other’s record on health care.
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Scottsdale School District Will Repair Navajo Elementary
Scottsdale’s Navajo Elementary School will be repaired after a fire closed it shortly after the beginning of the school year. The district’s governing board approved the repair and separate rebuild of Cherokee Elementary School after a five-plus hour meeting.
5 hours ago
800-Year Tree Ring Study Traces Movement Of Tropical Boundary
For four decades, the northern edge of the tropics has expanded faster than expected, and no one knows exactly why. Now, an 800-year tree-ring study offers new insights into our climate past – and our climate-change future.
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NatGeo Photographer Brings Her Snapshots To Arizona
The images we see of protests around the world, or enlightening environmental scenes, or bonds between humans and endangered species are often brought to us by creative people — photojournalists — who travel into unfamiliar places to bring us these visual stories.
11 hours ago
Poll Shows Promising Turnout Of Latino Voters
There’s been talk for years in Arizona that the Latino vote here will turn the state blue — or at least a new shade of purple.
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Prop 127 Could Be Most Expensive Campaign In AZ History
The fight over Proposition 127 appears to be on track to set a record in Arizona: the most expensive ballot measure ever — and the money is pouring in from both sides.
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Steve Penny was arrested in Tennessee on a warrant from Texas alleging that he destroyed or hid documents related to Larry Nassar's conduct. Penny's is the first arrest of an alleged Nassar enabler.
As White House counsel, Don McGahn led the president's successful push to reshape the federal courts, culminating with the explosive fight over Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
Albert Lexie and his purple shoeshine push cart were beloved fixtures for more than 30 years within the hospital's corridors, but his generosity became renowned across the nation. He died on Tuesday.
In 60 seconds, the commercial showcases a medley of horror film tropes, including a maniacal doll that presumably kills a group of young people whenever they play a catchy pop song.
"We need much time, much more time and we continue to work in the next weeks," EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said. This was supposed to be the day leaders would unveil a draft trade deal.