New House Bill Could Make Moving Companies Wait Until After Move To Take Payment

Published: Wednesday, February 1, 2017 - 7:53am

A bill that would prevent moving companies from keeping a homeowner’s goods until after they get paid is making its way through the Arizona House. The measure was unanimously approved by the House Commerce committee Tuesday.

Representative Jeff Weninger sponsored the legislation after hearing multiple stories about “a few bad actors” in the moving business.

None of the moving companies at the house committee hearing testified against the bill. Assistant Attorney General Amanda Rusing said that’s not surprising.

"There's a lot of really wonderful and ethical moving companies out there that are very supportive of this measure," Rusing said. "It's impossible for them to compete with companies that are luring customers in with these low-ball offers only to turn around and defraud them later on."

House Bill 2145 also mandates movers accurately disclose all fees and describe what insurance will and won’t cover before a move. The measure needs approval of the full House before heading to the Senate.  

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