Sierra Vista Residents Will Have To Take Recyclables Farther Than Their Blue Bins

Published: Tuesday, May 28, 2019 - 1:33pm

China's recent refusal to take America's trash has caused municipalities around the country to change their recycling programs.

Phoenix is tagging customers and reminding them not to throw plastic grocery bags in the blue bins, while Sierra Vista in southeastern Arizona is eliminating curbside pickup on recyclables entirely.

Instead, the public works department has warned residents that July 1 will be the last day before recyclables in Sierra Vista will need to be brought to one location.

"We may do more in the future as demand in economics indicate, but for now we're going to start with one drop-off site," said Sharon Flissar, Sierra Vista's public works director.

She said they're hoping the situation between the U.S. and Asian recycling markets will soon change. Until that happens, residents will still get to keep their blue bins.

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