Nicholas Gerbis

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Senior Field Correspondent - Science

Nicholas Gerbis joined the Arizona Science Desk in August 2016. A freelance science journalist and editor for most of his career, he also has an extensive background in nonprofit and science communications.

Apart from travel and three years in Delaware spent earning his master’s degree in physical geography (climatology), Gerbis has spent most of his life in Arizona. He holds a bachelor’s degree in geography (climatology/meteorology) and a master’s degree in journalism and mass communication from Arizona State University.

In his spare time, he enjoys bad films, good documentaries and collecting old board games.

Gerbis briefly “retired in reverse” and moved from Arizona to Wisconsin, where he taught science history and science-fiction film courses at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. He is glad to be back in the Valley and reports that he has almost completely thawed out.

Title Author(s) Publication Date
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