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Title Author(s) Publication Date
Autonomous Cars Have Phoenix Police Leery KJZZ News Dec. 26, 2016
Two New State Supreme Court Justices Sworn In KJZZ News Dec. 20, 2016
State Lawmaker Wants To Make It A Felony To Steal US Flag KJZZ News Dec. 19, 2016
Suit Challenging Minimum Wage Increase Set For Court Hearing KJZZ News, Mark Brodie Dec. 16, 2016
Arizona Future Job Growth Dependent On Trump Administration Policies KJZZ News Dec. 6, 2016
Lucid Motors Still A Few Hundred Million Dollars Away From Promised Investment KJZZ News Dec. 1, 2016
Judge Rejects South Mountain Freeway Injunction KJZZ News Nov. 22, 2016
Public School Bonds And Overrides Passed At Higher Rate This Election Day KJZZ News Nov. 21, 2016
Differing Legislative Views On State Income Taxes Means System Will Likely Stick Around KJZZ News Nov. 21, 2016
VA To Roll Out Scheduling App In 2017 KJZZ News Nov. 15, 2016
E-Pollbook Malfunctions To Blame For Some Maricopa County Voting Lines Tuesday Morning KJZZ News Nov. 8, 2016
New Phoenix City Ordinance Means Developers Must Wait Longer To Get Demolition Permits KJZZ News Nov. 4, 2016
Is Not Counting Ballots Cast In Wrong Precinct Racial Discrimination? Federal Judges Hear Oral Arugments KJZZ News Oct. 27, 2016
Arizona Court Rules In Favor Of Same-Sex Parent In Child Custody Dispute KJZZ News Oct. 12, 2016
Signature Collections Company Sues Backers Of Arizona Proposition 206 KJZZ News Sept. 23, 2016
Subpoena Proceedings Against APS Delayed KJZZ News Sept. 23, 2016
Down One Pump, I-17 Flooding Caused By Too Much Water With Nowhere To Go KJZZ News Aug. 3, 2016
Bill Allowing Aerial Fireworks Fails In Arizona Senate KJZZ News May 6, 2016
Arizona's Universities See $32 Million In New Funding With New Budget KJZZ News May 4, 2016
Long Lines At Polling Places Across Maricopa County For Presidential Preference Voting KJZZ News March 22, 2016
Prop 123 Advocates Raise Millions, Opponents Only Hundreds KJZZ News March 22, 2016
Donald Trump Events In Phoenix, Fountain Hills Met With Protests KJZZ News March 19, 2016
Suspicious Package Shuts Down Security Check Point At Sky Harbor KJZZ News March 14, 2016
ADOT On-Track To Issue REAL ID Licenses In April KJZZ News March 1, 2016
Time Almost Out To Register For Arizona's Presidential Preference Election KJZZ News Feb. 22, 2016